Thursday, June 12, 2008

Input Devices

Input Devices

An input device lets you communicate with a computer. You can use input devices to enter information and issue commands. A keyboard, mouse, scanner, digital camera, touch pads and joystick are examples of input devices.

Some Common Computer Input Devices:


  • Used to type data into the computer
  • Most common input device today
  • Has special keys for giving the computer commands
    • Commands tell the computer to do something, like save the file
    • These special keys are called command or function keys

Pointing Devices

  • Pointing devices move some object on the screen and can do some action
  • Common pointing devices
    • Mouse - most common pointing device

    • Track ball - basically an upside down mouse

    • Joystick

    • Game controller


A scanner allows you to scan documents, pictures, or graphics and view them on the computer. You can also use software to edit the items you scan.

  • Used to put printed pictures and text into a computer
  • Converts an image into dots that the computer can understand
  • To scan text, optical character recognition (OCR) software is needed

Digital Camera

  • Used to take electronic pictures of an object
  • The pictures taken by a digital camera can be used directly by a computer


  • Used to put sound into a computer
  • Need sound recording software


  • Can be used to put both sound and images into a computer
  • Use a laser to read a Compact Disk (CD) or a DVD disk

Video Capture Card

  • Usually place inside the computer's case
  • Use to put video into a computer
  • Need a video source, either a video camera or video recorder

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